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 Kamikaze 2016 (Accion)(No Subtitulo)(HDrip)(AVI)(Torrent)

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MensajeTema: Kamikaze 2016 (Accion)(No Subtitulo)(HDrip)(AVI)(Torrent)   Lun 19 Dic - 20:05

Sinopsis: Evan Reed is an ex M.I.6 agent who has become a mercenary for hire. Evan is hired by Cabinet Minister David Markham to steal files containing incriminating evidence linking the MP with weapons contractors. After the mission Markham loses his nerve and orders the kidnap of Evan's pregnant girlfriend Jess. Evan is forced to fight his way through agents, thugs and a small mercenary army to rescue Jess. With the odds stacked against him and Markham's top assassin Gabe hot on his trail, can Evan defeat him and rescue his girlfriend in time?

Ficha Tecnica
Director: Marcus Shakesheff
Writers: Catherine Maher (screenplay), Marcus Shakesheff (story)
Stars: Marcus Shakesheff, David Newton, Laurence Patrick
Genres: Action
Country: UK
Language: English

RELEASE: Kamikaze.2016.HDRip.XviD.AC3-EVO
SOURCE: 720p - Thanks King-DVD!
ViDEO: 1700 Kbps
RESOLUTiON: 720x400
RUNTiME: 1h 32m 43s
AUDiO: 384 Kbps AC3 5.1


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Kamikaze 2016 (Accion)(No Subtitulo)(HDrip)(AVI)(Torrent)
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